Piotr Południak was born in 1986 in Tarnów in Poland. He discovered his passion for music at an early age. He began his musical education at the age of twelve at the Music School in Tarnów. Piotr began playing classical double bass class of Krzysztof Krawczyk. At the same time Piotr began to learn bass guitar. He was deepening his knowledge and improving his skills in double bass and bass guitar. His first big inspiration was the legend of bass guitar Jaco Pastorius. The record of Pastorius titled 'Jaco Pastorius' had a huge impact on him. He realized that he want to play jazz music. In high school, he and his friends founded his first jazz band Sandwich on the floor. After finishing the Music School in Tarnów he moved to Cracow . He continued his education at the Music Academy in Kraków on jazz department in the class of double bass player Maciej Adamczak.

Since 2010 he has been working permanently with Magda Brudzińska - singer and violist. They were initially creating the group Quartet Klezmer Trio, now its known as/ currently - Magda Brudzińska Klezmer Trio. You can hear them in Poland but also abroad in Germany, Austria, France, Italy and so on./ This cooperation has resulted in numerous concerts in Poland and abroad, among others in Germany, Austria, France and Italy. During his studies, he collaborated with Wojtek Groborz, an outstanding jazz pianist and lecturer at the Kraków Academy of Music, creating the group Collegium Latina. Their music was a jazz with a big influent of latino music.He's been also inspired by modern jazz and free jazz. In 2011 started working with friends Sławek Pezda,Mateusz Gawęda and Dawid Fortuna. They formed the PeGaPoFo band. In the following years, the group won prizes at international competitions, including 1st Prize at Jazz Juniors Competition in 2011, 1st Prize at Krokus Jazz Festiwal in 2013, 2nd Prize an Tarnów Jazz Contest in 2013. Also the band won the polish jazz award „Klucz do kariery” in Gorzów Wielkopolski. In 2015 the band has recorded and released the album 'Świeżość' by the record manufactory Fortune. 'Świeżość' was appreciated by music critics and jazz music enthusiasts.In 2013 he graduated the Academy of Music in Cracow and he decided to stay in Cracow because he was professionally connected with it. Piotr is a versatile musician. He is open for a different types and styles of music. He was also working with few theaters – The Witkacy Theatre in Zakopane, Ludwik Solski Theatre in Tarnów, The Barakah Theatre in Cracow. In 2016 he has started cooperation with jazz pianist Mateusz Pałka and drumer Patryk Dobosz. After few months guys formed a group Mateusz Pałka Trio. The common understanding in music, searching for outstanding sound , fascination with the sound of the piano trio has brought several achievements. In the same year the trio won the 2nd Prize at the Jazz Juniors Competition and received a proposal to release a record on the Italian label Emme Record Label.. The Album entitled 'Sansa' released in 2017. 'Sansa' has received many positive reviews. The band itself was in the first place in the category of jazz Polish debut of the year according to Adam Dobrzyński (Polish Radio Program 1 ).As a sideman he has been playing with many artists and he is invited to many different projects,he performs in Poland but also abroad e.g. in Germany, Austria, France, Italy, Belarus, Czech Reoubliuc, Slovakia, United Arab Emirates. He is laureate of 1st Prize Jazz On The Odra Festival with NSI group. Permanently associated with Krakow and the Krakow jazz community

You can hear him regularly in jazz clubs in Cracow.

                                                    For several years he has also been a teacher and gives private lessons


Tesna” 2013 wyd. Es art Karolina Śleziak

Sztejtel” 2014 wyd. Austeria Magda Brudzińska Klezmer Trio

Świeżość” 2015 wyd. ForTune PeGaPoFo

No More Drama” 2016 wyd. ForTune Cracow Jazz Collective

„Sansa” 2017 wyd. Emme Record Label Mateusz Pałka Trio

„From Rome to Cracow” 2019 Aldo Joshua Quartet wyd. ALFAMUSIC